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Out by sixteen or dead in the scene

But together forever

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Name:Ginger Fitzgerald
Birthdate:Apr 12


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Ginger Fitzgerald
Ginger was a regular girl from a regular suburban neighborhood in a regular town. That all changed one night when she was viciously attacked by the 'Beast of Bailey Downs', a predator that seemed to be mutilating the local canine population. She found out the hard way that the Beast was actually a werewolf - her subsequent attack forcing her to go through a change of her own.

This account is played as both canon and AU. She's canon up until the end of the first movie, where Brigitte's wound didn't kill her, just knocked her out until she woke up human the next morning. She immediately left her house with Brigitte - both of them trying to control their lycanthropy until Ginger decided she'd rather enjoy her 'time of the month'; leaving Brigitte to continue to fight her own change by herself. She struck off to find and play with anyone willing to play, dancing in that grey area and refusing to choose a side; good or bad, wolf or girl.

(She's played as shifting during the full moon, but having somewhat heightened senses, agility and a marginal increase in strength, even in human form. If she gets angry enough, she'll partially shift. When she's partially shifted, she's more of a chaotic personality type and leans towards giving in to her bloodlust.)

Mun and Muse are both over 18
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